Woman in viral miniskirt video arrested for ‘suggestive clothing’: Saudi media

Web Desk) – The woman behind the viral video wearing miniskirt in a conservative province of Saudi Arabia has been detained by the authorities; the action was taken after the video stirred a controversial debate on social media.

Saudi state television station, Al Ekhbariya reported on Tuesday that the woman was arrested by the Riyadh police for wearing “suggestive clothing.”

The endearing woman’s outfit goes against the country’s strict legal codes that require women to cover themselves while in public. They are required to wear loose fitting cloak, or abaya with covering their head.

The woman, who has been questioned by Riyadh police, told them that “the viral videos were published by an account attributed to her without her knowledge,” according to the statement. The statement adds that the woman s case has been referred to the general prosecution department in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

The video quickly drew criticism online- many Saudis used a hashtag saying, the woman should face trial for the immoral videos.

Social media users have called the woman “Khulood the model,” but police have not released her identity, according to the CNN.

While others argued that the woman lives in Saudi Arabia, she should follow the rules. Saudi writer Ibrahim al-Munayif wrote on his twitter account, “Just like we call on people to respect the laws of countries they travel to, people must also respect the laws of this country.”

The incident has prompted questions from social media users around the hashtag in arabic, which translates as “the trial of Khulood the model is a must,” after Saudi directives curtailed their powers last year

Some offered their support and called her brave, by posting pictures of the First lady of the United States during her visit to Saudi Arabia in May, suggesting that prominent foreigners dress the same way while visiting the country and are exempted from wearing abayas or cover their head.

The fate of the woman remains unclear. Saudi newspaper Okaz reported on Sunday, the local officials had written a letter to the region’s governor and police asking for the woman in the video and take action against those who made the video. The religious police of the country released a statement on Twitter; they were aware of the video and were looking into the matter.