Will Augmented Reality be the end of TV, smartphones?

IMG_2413(Web Desk) – Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote address for F8 conference and demonstration during the week-long summit this year has made us ponder would Augmented Reality render television sets and smartphones useless?

Facebook has a 10-year master plan in place to hit Augmented Reality mark and Zuckerberg used the F8 keynote address platform for the purpose as well.

Apple, Microsoft, Snap, Magic Leap among other platforms are working towards putting Augmented Reality in people’s daily lives, in reality, besides Facebook.

The decade-plan

According to the FB’s master plan, internet connectivity, everywhere, and virtual and augmented reality are to be achieved within a decade. The Facebook CEO launched Camera Effects platform this week as part of the big plan.

This is a bid of the social media giant to allow external developers to develop AR apps for Facebook Camera app.

The Camera Effects platform provides the developers all tools needed to ‘access’ Augmented Reality.

In company’s demo of its AR vision, Zuckerberg demonstrated how users could have virtual screens in their rooms bigger than their television sets.

While talking to the media before the keynote address, he said: “We don t need a physical TV. We can buy a $1 app TV and put it on the wall and watch it. It s actually pretty amazing when you think about how much of the physical stuff we have doesn t need to be physical.”

If Facebook or any other tech platform hits AR mark, it would not stop at TV but penetrate every gadget that relies on a screen including smartphones, smart watches and tablets among various others.

Can Facebook achieve its 10-year plan and will it put an end to physical screens?