What’s new in Apple iOS 11?

What’s new in Apple iOS 11?
(Web Desk) – Apple has posted a preview of its iOS 11, latest update in the operating system for iPhones and iPads. The company claims this update to be ‘a giant step for iPhone and a monumental leap for iPad’.

The smartphone industry giant said its devices will become the most powerful, personal, and intelligent technology with iOS 11. The upgrade will become public in the coming fall.

Files app

App has rolled out a new “Files” app which will bring all the files together at one place. Users can browse, search, and organize their files while they can also view their recent files. It will be available for both iPhone and iPads users. Another feature of this app will be to display the files on one’s other iOS devices, iCloud Drive, and also on third-party apps like Dropbox.

Resolving space issues

It was reported that the company plans on resolving storage issues for text messages. In the new Messages app, Apple will create an end-to-end encryption of all messages with iCloud so that users don t have to delete their past messages anymore. The size of photos will also be compressed while maintaining the same quality.

Quick Start

With quick start, people can setup their iOS devices in a rapid fashion. Users can easily customize their personal settings, preferences, and iCloud Keychain passwords and securely import contacts.

Indoor Maps, Lane Guidance

Apple Maps will also be updated with iOS 11. After upgrade, it will give detailed indoor maps around the globe for places like airports and shopping centers. It will guide about the lane while driving so that users can avoid missing the exit or u-turn.

QuickType keyboard

The new advancement in Apple will allow users to type with one hand. Often, users find it difficult in typing while performing different tasks, like holding coffee. For one-handed typing, users will have to hold the emoji key and select one-hand typing option. The keys will then move closer to your thumb.

Drive Safe

Apple iOS 11 has a ‘do not disturb when you’re driving’ feature. iPhone will be able to sense when the user is driving and prevent them from being distracted by calls, text messages, and notifications until later. People trying to reach will be automatically notified about the user is driving and that they can call or text him/her later.

Updates in Siri, voice assistant

A new voice will be introduced in Siri with iOS 11 update. Apple plans to make the Siri experience more natural and intelligent. Siri will be enabled with translation and personal DJ features.

Better Camera, Live Photos

Apple has finally decided to increase the selfie filters. In iOS 11, there are new filters with professional quality. The advancement in camera will allow people to adjust skin tones and make them natural. Also, the photos will now consume lesser storage. The company claims new photos with the same quality will now be half the file size. Apple is trying to make the live photos more expressive for which it will give three options, including loops, bounce and long exposure.

Apple Pay for friends

Apple users will be enabled to send and receive money with their friends. The procedure will require a simple conversation. It will be available in Person to Person and Apple Pay Cash options.

Older devices to become obsolete

Apart from the so many advancements, it was told that the older devices, running on 32-bit like iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, will become obsolete with the upcoming update. After Apple iOS 11, the older iPhones and iPads will no longer receive updates. Also, some games and apps will become incompatible after Apple’s switches its focus to 64-bit.

You can read more about the new features in Apple iOS 11 preview. The launching date of the new update is yet to be announced and it will be somewhere around this coming fall.