What you should do to be filth Rich

Web Desk) – A set of common habits were studied in the world’s richest people and the results were astonishing. The leading interest in these filthy rich was none other than philanthropy.

Wealth-X orchestrated the study and confined it in a report to see whether the richest people in the world have some common hobbies, interests or passions. Only those people were taken into the sample that had more than USD 30 million in their assets. It is generally believed that the rich people have weird habits like playing golf or collecting vintage art or cars, but the truth was otherwise. Their top most common interest was found to be helping others.

People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are known to donate more than half of their wealth to charitable organisations. Bill Gates gives away his hefty profits into his own philanthropic organisation. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was found by Gates and his wife to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan had reportedly said to donate 99% of their shares to the cause of human advancement by funding non-profit organizations.

In sports, the world’s most richest preferred soccer, golf, tennis and skiing. They were more into investing in sports. They also had a greater interest in arts, fashion and politics. The richest people in the world like to travel a lot because it is amongst their most favourite activities.

The entire list is given as:

20. Skiing (7.2%)

19. Watches (7.7%)

18. Fishing (7.8%)

17. Jewelry (8.1%)

16. Hunting (8.8%)

The people having over $30 million in assets are interested in snow sports, especially skiing. Although the trend of wearing wrist watches has been fading away, they don t really care and wore watches along with other jewelry as a part of their attire. Most of them are also into fishing and hunting.

15. Dining (10.9%)

14. Golf (11%)

13. Cultural events (12.1%)

Mark Zuckerberg having iftar with Somalian refugees

12. Reading (12.3%)

11. Football/soccer (13.1%)

10. Collectibles (14.1%)

9. Automobiles (14.5%)

8. Health and exercise (14.8%)

7. Boating (14.9%)

6. Wine and spirits (15.9%)

5. Politics (22.2%)

4. Fashion and style (25.2%)

3. Art (28.7%)

2. Travel (31%)

1. Philanthropy (56.3%)

The story was originally published on The Independent