What Happened When a Crazy Salman Khan Fan Met Her Idol in Dubai


What Happened When a Crazy Salman Khan Fan Met Her Idol in Dubai

What Happened When a Crazy Salman Khan Fan Met Her Idol in Dubai
Salman Khan was in Dubai last evening (Tuesday May 16) to launch the first song from his next big Eid release, Tubelight. As soon as news broke about Salman coming to Dubai for the launch, fans were in a tizzy, trying to get a chance to meet their favourite superstar.

Masala! gave its readers an opportunity to win a ‘meet and greet’ with the actor, based on them letting us in on the craziest thing they had ever done to watch a Salman film! Responses poured in left, right and centre with some being exciting, some daring and others absolutely crazy! After a lot of careful skimming, we finally selected a winner, Aqsa Adil, based on her response on Masala!’s Facebook page.

Masala!’s meet and greet winner Aqsa Adil (third from left) with Salman Khan and another fan

Here’s what she had to say about her whole experience:

“My craze for Salman Khan started when I was about two years old, around the time Hum Saath Saath Hai had released. I have been in love with him since I can remember, and will go to any lengths to get up close and personal with him. I would keep watching the music video of O O Jaane Jaana and dance to it with my eyes closed imagining I was dancing with Salman. I have done some crazy things for him! One such incident was when I went all the way to Fujairah to catch one of his films since the tickets for it had been sold out in Dubai.

During TOIFA (Times of India Film Awards) last year, I bought the most expensive ticket available thinking I would get a chance to catch a close glimpse of him. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen since he spent most of his time backstage but I did get a chance to watch his performance live on stage. Needless to say, it drove me crazy! For me, meeting Salman was the ultimate dream.

Last week, the minute I saw a post on the Masala! Facebook page about an opportunity for a meet and greet with the star, I went ballistic hoping to get a chance to win. Eventually when I didn’t hear back for a few days, I lost hope and thought I was unlucky yet again. Then one evening, as I was watching television, my phone buzzed and I saw a reply to my comment on the Salman post from Masala!

I cannot explain what went through me. I was hyperventilating and called my mom screaming in excitement! She had to literally rush back home from work, and request me to calm down! Soon after, I started my preparations. I got his autobiography ready for him to sign, made a poster with pictures of me and him and even wrote him a love letter. Then I went out at midnight looking for a printing shop that was open so that I could get Salman a personalised printed mug with pictures of me and him on it together.

The mug, love letter and poster that Aqsa made for her favourite star

Obviously I didn’t sleep all night and just kept waiting for 3 pm the next day so that I could start getting ready to meet my Salman. I bought a new pair of clothes, got my sister to spend hours and hours on hair and makeup and finally on the dot of 5:30 pm, I was there at the venue (Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City), excited beyond words.

Aqsa posing with the goodies she prepared for Salman

I had attended for a few other meet and greets with other stars previously, so I had huge expectations for this one with Salman. The minute we entered a room where all the winners had to gather, other fans couldn’t believe the preparation I had done to meet him. They were in awe of all the things I had made and told me he would be “so so impressed”. As the time for my ‘date’ drew closer, my heart started beating furiously. I still couldn’t believe I was finally getting a chance to meet him. However, when it was my turn, the organisers sadly asked me to leave my phone outside the room as no one was allowed to click pictures with their personal phones. It was heart-breaking as I really wanted a selfie with him. To make matters worse, I wasn’t even allowed to take all the stuff I had so painstakingly made for him inside, as they said they would give these to him, themselves. That really made me sad since I wanted to see the expression on his face when he received all my goodies! But I decided not to let this minor problem mar my joy. Soon we were ushered into the room where he was waiting for his fans.

The minute I entered and saw him standing, my heart skipped a beat and I forgot everything I was disappointed about. I told him how much I loved him and requested him for a tight hug. And guess what? He hugged me! I still cannot believe that I got the chance to meet Salman and get so close to him, it’s unbelievable! If he was younger, around my age, I would have done everything in and out of my control to woo him into marrying me! But sadly he’s much much older, which is also not so much of a problem for me, haha!

The entire meet and greet lasted for just a couple of minutes (so much for my hope of presenting him with my gifts!) but no complaints. I have got memories of a lifetime!”

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