Water level reaches lowest of history

LAHORE (web desk) – Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) on Sunday issued a report informing that the water level in Punjba and Sindh has reached to the lowest level of history.

According to report, since June 21 the water level has been fallen to 63 feet in Tarbela dam. Under this alarming condition, WASA has decided to cut 15% of water supply in Sindh and Punjab.

During July, the water reservoir in Tarbela dam reached the lowest level in the history of Pakistan, Water and Sanitation Agency WASA informed.

The less rainfall in Karachi is also causing water shortage to a dead level in ‘Hub dam’.

Pakistan has been included in the list of most affected countries as the climate change has aggravated the water crisis due to less rainfall after which agricultural experts issued warning that water deficiency may affect the crop production.

On the other hand, the water dearth in Hub dam Karachi that is only supply source for western district, has reached to an alarming level and remaining water reservoir is just sufficient for a week.

The people in areas of Orangi Town, Baldia Colony, Qasba Colony and Pak Colony, are badly run short of water and are forced to protest.

The water board authorities reported that, water scarcity has reached to dangerous level and supply of 10 crore gallons is not possible therefore pumping machine is being installed to overcome the current crisis situation.