USO of Chinese salt banned in Punjab

(Web Desk) – Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Monday banned Chinese salt, also known as Ajinomoto, after its scientific panel discovered the presence of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) in it.

The food regulatory body has given an ultimatum of March 31 to avoid the usage of Chinese salt before the crackdown starts.

PFA termed Chinese salt as hazardous for health as it contains MSG which is responsible for causing fatigue, headache, numbness, flushing and nausea. The findings of the scientific panel saw that some people are sensitive to MSG.

For instance, pregnant women can suffer from hypertension after consuming the common food ingredient. PFA has decided to extend its ban on use of Chinese salt in all food items across the province.

The use of Chinese salt in packaged food, frozen food and other eateries should not be allowed, as per the recommendations of the scientific panel.

Ajinomoto is a common food ingredient used in restaurants and homes. It has extensive use in different cuisines. The magic ingredient tends to enhance the food flavours and give unique taste which has become the reason of its large-scale consumption.