Teaser of Pakistan’s first ever superhero film released

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Teaser of Pakistan’s first ever superhero film released
(Web Desk) – ‘Project Ghazi’ is poised to bring Pakistan its first ever superhero film and the teaser is no less than promising.


The project was announced last year and first teaser of the movie is out.

Here, have a look:

First teaser is pretty much the introduction of an anti-hero character that is set to ‘expose’ the true nature of the mankind which, in all its glory, is nothing but dark.

P.S. this jacked up Shehryar is going to sell ‘some’ tickets for sure

Good vs Evil plot never gets old and is a winner, biggies of Hollywood and Bollywood are such examples

Saira Shahroz and Shehryar Munawar clicked while on the sets

According to the director, Nadir Shah, ‘Project Ghazi’ is a film that finds its story in life of an ‘advanced soldier’ and covers a span of 20 years. Debutant director has a background in advertisements.

He further laid out that the film encompasses espionage and spy angles as well because they team wanted to make it more relatable for Pakistan in the present times.

Shehryar Munawar was seen earlier in Janaan and landed multiple endorsements after that. Saira Shahroz has worked in several television series and multiple films among her role in various art projects in different capacities.

Humayun Saeed, who runs a successful production house and has been the creative force behind many ambitious projects, still remains a saleable star after decades of association with the entertainment industry in roles both behind and in front of the camera.