Taking Selfies Can Be Dangerous

NOVA SCOTIA (web desk) – Analysts suggest that taking selfies could cause epileptic seizure responses for some people.

The revelation came after Doctors at Dalhousie University in Canada conducted an assessment of a teenage girl who suffered seizure-like episodes moments after she took a selfie.

While being attached to an an electroencephalogram, or EEG in the lab, doctors noticed that when the girl was in the dark room she took a selfie, with the flash and the pulsing flashes of red-eye reduction, which caused the unusual spikes in her brainwaves.

These seizure-like spikes helped the doctors diagnose the girl with a photosensitivity response to selfies. Flashing lights are an uncommon seizure trigger and affect only 3% of patients with epilepsy.

People with this condition, known as photosensitive epilepsy, are at risk of having a seizure when exposed to shimmering day light, strobe lights, and flickering lights at certain frequencies on television or computer screens.

It is common in children and adolescents, becoming less frequent as the child grows older.  Apart from this, clicking too many selfies can cause wrinkles and accelerate the ageing process.


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