Reham Khan flees Pakistan over life threats

LAHORE(web desk) –  Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham has fled the country along with her assistant owing to alleged threats on life for disclosing details of her time spent with Khan.

The Times quoted what Reham Khan said about unidentified telephone callers: “Anyone who talks about Imran now is going to be blown up.”

Reham had visited Britain last Christmas to finish her autobiography that is set to shed light on her marriage with Imran Khan among other incidents in her life.

During her interview with the media outlet, Reham claimed that Khan had cited discrepancy in ‘name-matching’ after the couple entered an argument for the first time after the marriage.

Khan had married Reham in 2015 and the marriage lasted for some nine months before the couple divorced.

Her latest statement about Imran Khan came after he entered a third wedlock, after two failed nuptial knots, with his spiritual guide named Bushra Bibi from Lahore of Punjab, Pakistan.

Reham said that Khan was in contact with Bushra Bibi during his marriage with her.

Following that in an interview with Daily Mail Reham branded the wedding photos of the couple cringe-worthy and asserted that PTI chief was out of touch of modern Pakistan.

“Imran was in contact with Bushra three years ago when I was his wife and he is not the truthful man. I knew they married on 1 January, and he revealed it later, this is exactly what he did after marrying me and then announcing after two months,” she told Daily Mail.

She further asserted that Khan had committed a ‘political suicide.

(As reported by Dunya News)