Power shortfall reaches 7000 MW

LAHORE (web desk) – As per media reports ,Chashma nuclear power plant among several power production units were reported shut on Friday(3 Nov 2017) owing to smog causing power outages in parts of Punjab as electricity shortfall has hit 7,000MegaWatt.

Reportedly, some areas of Punjab have been hit with eight to ten hours of power outages by the start of winter season owing to smog that on the other hand has added to environment woes of Lahore and other cities with locals getting itchy eyes and sore throats.

Medical experts have recommended sporting spectacles whilst in the open and a mask to keep smog and pollutants entering their system.

Earlier in the day today, environment minister of Punjab blamed India for smog by asserting that neighbouring authorities burnt some 35 million tons of waste that caused the adverse effect.

Meteorological department has forecast dense smog for another ten days in Punjab.

Meteorological Department Director General Muhammad Rizwan said that rain could bring a positive change in the environment however, there is no forecast of it at the time.

Spokesperson for water and power ministry stated that all four units of Chashma plant were shut and the national grid was devoid of 1,200MegaWatt of electricity.


Shortage of furnace oil has added to power woes as government has issued instructions to shut all oil-fired plants causing loss of another 4,250MW of electricit to the national grid.

Total production of electricity stands at some 8,000MW at the time, primarily from hydal and gas power plants however, Punjab areas are bearing the brunt of at least 7,000MW of shortfall.