Noor Bukhari says won’t perform

Web Desk) – Television and film actress Noor Bukhari has asserted on Saturday that she has found the ‘right path’ to lead her life and that she would not perform and model for brands without covering her head.

34-year-old Noor said that she would perform with her head covered from now onwards and hopefully she would stand true to her words in the future.

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report on Noor’s split up with fourth husband

Noor has opened up about her decision weeks into filing for divorce with husband Wali Ahmed.

The split up got ugly in May this year.

Showbiz personalities including theatre actors have had their share of claims in the past.

Celebrated singer late Junaid Jamshed quit music and turned to the ‘right path’. Nargis, a theatre performer claimed that her showbiz life was behind her after she performed a Hajj but it did not take her time to eat her words.

Ali Haider, a musician of Purani Jeans fame from 1993 album titled Sandesa has had reverted his decision in the past as well.