Non-bailable arrest warrant of Mufti Abdul Qavi issued

(web desk) – The authorities on Thursday have according to media reports issued non-bailable arrest warrant for Mufti Abdul Qavi in Qandeel Baloch murder case.

According to details , the accused has assured security personnel to cooperate in the investigation.

Model Qandeel Baloch, who shot to fame for her provocative selfies, was strangled in July last year by her brother Muhammad Waseem. He said she had brought shame on the family and confessed to his crime in a press conference after his arrest.

Waseem was produced before a court in the central city of Multan on Monday along with his cousin Haq Nawaz whom police deemed to be an accomplice, though the nature of his involvement was unclear.

Qandeel was social media sensation who also posed for selfies with Mufti Abdul Qavi in an incident that saw him swiftly rebuked by the religious affairs ministry.

Her murder reignited calls for action against so-called “honour killings”, in which a victim is killed by a close relative — who could subsequently be pardoned by another family member under Pakistan law.

In October parliament passed a law aimed at removing the ability to forgive “honour” killers. But critics contend some loopholes still exist.