Nawaz Sharif puts forth 10 questions over disqualification in lawyers convention

Nawaz Sharif puts forth 10 questions over disqualification in lawyers convention
LAHORE (web desk) – Addressing to a lawyers’ convention in Aiwan-e-Iqbal, sacked premier Nawaz Sharif claimed that the purpose of Panama Papers was to create political chaos in the country. He recalled that petitions filed in Supreme Court were called meaningless before Islamabad lockdown call which led to hearing of the petitions and rest is history.

Ex-PM said there is a huge responsibility on lawyers and they should play their role for the supremacy of constitution, recalling the troubles faced by lawyers during their movement.

He asked 10 questions from lawyers over his disqualification orders ruled by Supreme Court of Pakistan in Panama case verdict:

1. Have WhatsApp calls even been made to constitute investigation teams?

2. Has such a JIT ever been constituted to probe allegations?

3. Why were the members of secret agencies handed over responsibility to investigate Panama case?

4. Did Supreme Court bench offered timely supervision of JIT probe?

5. Did any petition requested investigated into Dubai offshore company or my salary?

6. Can dictionary be used to trace meanings?

7. In 70 years of history, did four decisions come in one case verdict?

8. Can the same judge be appointed for monitoring who gave verdict against me?

9. Do the judges have right to give decisions despite not going through the report?

10. Can trial court work independently under the supervision of Supreme Court judge?

Nawaz Sharif believes that the common people are confused over such questions. Addressing to the lawyers, he said his name wasn’t even mentioned in Panama Leaks and the scandal was created despite that fact. The matter was made complicated to create a crisis, everyone knows what happened to those petitions after the lockdown protest call, he said.