Mall Road protest was flop,

ISLAMABAD (web desk) –  PTI leader Naeemul Haq admitted on Thursday that the power show on Mall Road during the opposition parties protest was flop, adding that the decision made collectively contained shortcomings.

While talking on local t.v channel , he said, “Decisions made collectively had drawbacks.”

The spokesperson to the PTI Chairman told that the suggestion of resignations from parliament houses given by Sheikh Rasheed will be discussed and considered during the session of central executive committee. “The matter of resignations will be considered in central executive committee,” stated Haq.

Haq told that the purpose of the rally was to raise voice for the victims of Model Town incident. The objective was to demand resignations from Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif and provincial law minister Rana Sanaullah. He vowed that PTI will support Tahirul Qadri in this matter.

On the matter of remarks against parliament by party chairman Imran Khan, he defended the opinion that the assemblies don’t pass legislations for the betterment of people. He slammed the party for its alleged move to omit Khatm-e-Nabuwwat clause.