Indian woman marries lover against all odds

Web Desk)- Indian woman Varsha Sahu aka ‘Revolver Rani’ finally tied the knot with her beau Ashok Yadav on Sunday after several disagreements with their families.
Varsha earned the title of  Revolver Rani  after she barged in during her boyfriend s wedding ceremony with a gun in her hand and foiled the ceremony as she took Ashok with her.
“First, I had to kidnap Ashok from his wedding and then I had to ensure his release from the Hamirpur district jail,” she said, according to The Hindustan Times.
Ashok was jailed after the family of the girl he was marrying filed a case against him for cheating. Varsha received him outside the jail on July 7 after he was granted bail.
A senior member of the city unit of Shiv Sena made arrangements for their wedding and announced the launch of an NGO named after  Revolver Rani  that would support girls ditched by their lovers.
The couple came into the spotlight after Varsha kidnapped Ashok moments before he was about to take the customary ‘saat phere’ (seven sacred vows) with another woman.
Varsha, in a series of dramatic moves, placed a revolver pointed at Ashok’s head, demanding that he go with her.
Laloo Yadav, the father of the girl with whom Ashok was to get married, registered a case against him for cheating his family by not disclosing his relationship with Varsha and calling off the marriage at the last moment.
However, Ashok seemed satisfied with the turn of events and said, “I am proud of my beloved, who, during my worst time, did not leave me alone. She (Varsha) toiled hard and bore all legal expenses to bail me out from the jail,” Times of India reported.