In a first, Dubai turns to paperless passports through new ap

In a first, Dubai turns to paperless passports through new app
DUBAI (Web Desk) – Dubai has introduced a new app Smart UAEWallet which allows a person to use his smartphone as their passports.

According to details, residents travelling through the Dubai International Airport will access the e-gates and passport control while using the app.

In order to utilize the app, the residents are required to register personal details and provide a fingerprint for security and identity reasons.

Dubai becomes the first to introduce the concept of paperless passport.

However; the facility is only in Dubai and not applicable to other countries as they are not on board with the official app.

“The Smart Wallet will save passengers’ time and also protect their documents and passport. Passengers will only need to use the smartphone at the smart gates and scan their fingerprint [to finish the departure procedure] with ease,” deputy chairman of police and public security in Dubai Lt Gen Tamim said as reported by The Gulf.

In the initial phase, the UAE Wallet will contain the personal ID, passport details, and smart gate card data of the traveller.

“The second phase will link all the data of Emiratis and residents into the wallet so people don’t need to show their documents when transacting in any government department. The individual will show the barcode inside the phone to share his data and finish the transaction in seconds,” he added.

People can download the app from the Apple store. “The application is safe and has security checks. The developers said it is impossible to hack or misuse the application,” Lt Gen Tamim said.