Imran Khan summons emergency meeting

ISLAMABAD (web desk) –  PTI  chief Imran Khan summoned an emergency meeting in Bani Gala tomorrow following the Prime Minister’s proposal for an ultimate debate in parliament over the judiciary’s jurisdiction.

The meeting of the National Assembly’s parliamentary party will discuss the matter of debate and devise a strategy over it.

PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that they will review the situation as whether the government wants to pressurize the Supreme Court.

“It has to be focused that either the government wants to affect the ongoing case of the leadership. We will not support any aspect of the judiciary s ridicule,” he said.

In the speech of PM Abbasi in parliament a day before, he said that the House should talk on the judicial verdicts taken in the past. No solution will be found if these decisions are not discussed, he added.

The PM further asked whether parliament has the right of legislation or not.

He said he had not criticized the judiciary rather he had talked of constitutional limits. The country had suffered a lot whenever the institutions crossed their limits, adding breaching privilege of any institution would lead to a free for all situations.

“Such things can never be in the country’s interest. Executive always takes decisions in the national interest but in case they prove wrong, they must not be made culprit,” he added.