Hindu girl tortured

Web Desk) – Women wing leader of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India, Sangeeta Varshney, slapped and tortured a Hindu girl over inter-faith love affair with a boy from Muslim community. Video of the incident became viral instantly in which she is shown assaulting the girl and asking her why she was unable to differentiate between Hindus and Muslims.

Varshney is the president of the BJP-backed Mahila Morcha which started a moral policing campaign in recent times. According to Indian reports, the Hindu girl was caught talking to a Muslim boy in public by rightwing group Hindu Yuva Vahini. They attacked the two before dragging them to the local police station on charges of spreading obscenity at public place..

VIDEO: BJP women leader slaps Hindu girl over affair with Muslim boy:

Rather than holding the tormentors accountable, Indian police has booked the boy for being in a relationship with Hindu girl. Upon torture, the pair told that they had remained in a love affair for over two years. The BJP leader then asked the girl to tell the contact information of her parents while the girl kept on begging for mercy.

Varshney became furious with the girl as her family was unaware of her affair with a boy from the minority community. “They (Muslims) are not to be trusted … there are consequences to such relations,” she told media after admitting to torture the girl in front of camera.

The girl s father reacted to the matter by telling that he is a poor, ordinary man who had apologised to everyone for his daughter s actions. He added that he didn t even know about her daughter s friendship with the Muslim boy.