Fixing your IPhone’s broken screen just got a whole lot easier

Fixing your IPhone’s broken screen just got a whole lot easier
(Web Desk) – Almost every IPhone user has had the heart-wrenching experience of dropping their phones on the floor ultimately resulting in broken screens, non-functionable finger print scanners or even a chipped off home button. But recent reports spell good news for every one of the victims out there.

Apple has a special iPhone screen-repair machine called the “Horizon Machine” designed especially to fix the cracked or damaged screens of mishandled IPhones. Previously this machine was available only to a limited number of employees working for Apple in only one of the 500 retail locations. Now, according to various reports, the “Horizon Machine” will be available to various third-party stores by the end of this year.

The gadget is not used for fixing minor cracks and chips since those can already be fixed by local technicians almost everywhere. Horizon is basically a must for handling more complex in-house Apple tech like the fingerprint sensor or a broken speaker for that matter.

While most IPhone screen repairs involve the typical screwdrivers and suction cups, the Horizon Machine is able to test the new screen’s fit and allow for more precise calibration, especially key on a device where it’s important to be able to click and touch exactly what you want.

The question as to how much will the new gadget cost still needs to be answered by the officials but one thing is certain: the IPhone repair is about to get a whole less complex!

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