Farhan Akhtar stuns audience during live concert

WEB DESK – Pop stars stunning their audience during live shows is nothing new as we have seen plenty of them coming up with strange acts in the midst of concerts while stealing the show in the process of doing so.

During his recent show at Hyderabad, renowned Bollywood celebrity Farhan Akhtar had some really fun moments which he also shared with his instagram followers.

To everyone’s surprise, the mega star exhibited some classic stunt while showing off his climbing skills in front of the jam-packed audience just in the middle of his performance.

It seemed like Farhan had absolutely no idea as to what he was doing however the fan apart from being really startled by the stunt also enjoyed it up to the hilt.

“I can t remember how I got down,” Farhan mentioned in the caption alongside the instagram video that he shared with his followers.

One of the instagram follower also reminded him of some good old times as he expressed, “ZNMD moment again may be!”

Farhan! Are you really gearing up to join WWE?