Ecommerce growth in Pakistan an

Ecommerce growth in Pakistan,
(WEB DESK)- Years back, no one ever thought that he would be looking up for sporty t-shirts and shorts online and getting it right to the doorstep within days. Ecommerce made it possible and changed the shopping trend. A mushroom growth of online sellers and stores has been observed in the past few years and it predicts industry’s growth in near future.

Online shopping world is the magical place. You do not need to go shop to shop; just enter the keyword and search what you are looking to buy and its available. Minimizing the hassle mainstreaming COD (cash on delivery) payment method made it reliable and it become the demand of the time to market the good via online platforms. Emergence of several online shopping stores is the witness that virtual business and virtual shopping has gone to next level.

Other than the local sellers and products, international products are being imported in Pakistan and is the amazing example of this phenomenon. Offering the imported products, this online store has the least possible shipping cost and product prices that made it flourish in no time. Pakistani consumers are getting smart, developing their interest and trust in the online stores and now they consider the quality the most.

The online stores delivering low quality or the things different from displayed lost their trust among the consumers and they look for the original. has all those products by the original brands in genuine quality and in the widest collection and it also offers custom order facility from international websites.

Popularity and success of such website shows digital selling through electronic commerce is the future and the party has just started when the online business is earning in millions. More consumers are pushed to be the part of this mainstreamed world. The encouraging world is showing amazing speed with the potential websites.

The drastic change of trend is the results of the internet and Smartphone penetration that is around 30 million users per day and increasing day by day. Facebook and Twitter use is common in the small cities and towns as well and that is catering a large number of people. PTA revealed 73.2% population has access to mobile phones and the Smartphone users are approximately 9 million. Ecommerce and online businesses are adopting the trend of developing apps so people can explore the store on their mobiles and hence this is another reason of the growth of the industry.

The most popular COD is majorly adopted method and the most convenient for the online purchase that is inducing it with trust. Bank transfer and easy paisa are the alternates used for big orders only. Growing trust in the online stores increases reliance and showing significant development in digital marketing.