dress for myself, not for you: Deepika tells reporter

I dress for myself, not for you: Deepika tells reporter
MUMBAI (Web desk) – Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone received quite a critique over her Met Gala dress as the public was not impressed by her appearance at all.

But the actress didn’t stood back and shut down her haters when a reporter questioned her about her wardrobe choice.

“Sometimes you might like what I wear and sometimes you might not like what I wear. And that’s totally OK. I am not dressing for you my (reporter) love, I am dressing for myself. So, as long as I am having fun nothing else matters,” said Deepika as reported by Times of India.

She highlighted the team effort in the whole thing. “I think it’s all collective effort, it’s a team work. Like, how we work in films as a team, it’s the same.”

Deepika feels that what more important was the privilege to attend the prestigious event and not the outfit. “I have always looked at things as opportunities and what you make of those opportunities. I am sure for Priyanka and me, the opportunity is not about what we are wearing but the privilege of being there at such a big event,” she said.

She was quick to notify that what matters to her is the criticism from her mother and friends only.

“The only time I would truly be concerned would be when my mother or my girlfriends give me flak for something I wore that’s the time I will allow any comment to enter my life,” she adds.