Conflict in Mufti Abdul Qavi’s statements

LAHORE (web desk)- The polygraph test, or lie-detector test, has spotted conflict in Mufti Abdul Qavi’s statements in connection with investigation of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch’s cold-blooded murder.

As per details the four-hour long test was held in Lahore yesterday (October 26) and Qavi was questioned regarding his contacts with Qandeel Baloch and his brothers.

Qavi, on several occasions, had dismissed allegations of involvement in Qandeel’s murder but lie-detector machine pointed out several errors in his claim.

Suspicions against Qavi have augmented after polygraph test whereas some immoral videos, found in Qavi’s mobile, have also been detected and deleted.

Qandeel was strangled to death in July-2016 by her brother Wasim for honour.

“Yes of course, I strangled her,” Wasim told reporters at a press conference.

“She was on the ground floor while our parents were asleep on the roof top,” he continued. “It was around 10.45 pm when I gave her a tablet… and then killed her.”

Wasim said he acted alone.

“I am not embarrassed at all over what I did,” he said.