Ceiling collapsed while Shah Rukh Khan movie shooting

Ceiling collapsed while Shah Rukh Khan movie shooting
(Web Desk) – Ceiling collapsed while shooting of Shah Rukh Khan s movie, in which he plays as a dwarf, and injured two crew members of the production team. Luckily, Bollywood s King Khan survived the incident as he was seated on the other side of the set.

The accident occurred on the sets of Ananand L. Rai’s directorial project. During the shoot, ceiling of the set collapsed and Shah Rukh Khan was fortunate to survive from the venue while two crew members received damage as the hard ceiling caused injuries on their body parts. In fact, a prop ladder had collided with the ceiling which made it come down on the production team. Khan remained untouched only because he was sitting on another side of the set, according to Indian reports.

The 51-year-old performer, playing as a dward, stars with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in the venture. The movie shooting has been given a break following the incident. Both the actresses haven’t been called on for their scenes yet.

Due to tight security, Shah Rukh Khan s dwarf look in the movie has not been revealed yet. The crew members, who were injured in the accident and rushed for medical help, have now been discharged from the hospital and reports claimed they only received minor bruises.