Apple, LG team up for foldable iPhones:

(Web desk)- According to reports from tech industry, smartphone manufacturing giant Apple is working on a new foldable iPhone model after teaming up with LG Display. Although the company used display screens from Samsung in its all-new iPhone X, it has chosen LG Display over Samsung in the much-awaited foldable technology in phones.

The Investor said that Apple and LG Display have teamed up for foldable OLED display screens for which a task force was made. It will also take help from another LG subsidiary, LG Innotek, to manufacture rigid flexible printed circuit board (RFPCB).

The production of foldable OLED screens will take place at LG’s E5 plant in South Korea. Apple has considered to invest in the E5 plant so that the process can be made faster. While details of any agreement have not been confirmed, inside sources say the companies have agreed on the matter.

According to reports, foldable iPhone production could start after 2020. Other companies are also working on development of foldable OLED screens including Samsung and LG. Samsung is expected to launch such model in 2018. LG had developed its OLED panel prototype a few years ago and is trying to upgrade the project.

The partnership between LG and Apple in making foldable OLED screens could end the monopoly of Samsung in OLED screens production as it is the only company which makes latest technology panels. All these companies have eyed foldable screens as the future breakthrough in smartphones. Apple-LG partnership has continued from the times when LCD was used.