Amazing Pakistan Song

Khayal Rakhna’ – The A Capella way

Following the Coke Studio, Nescafe Basement, Redbull Soundclash and Pepsi Battle of Bands, Strepsils Stereo, another corporate music platform has hit the Pakistani music industry.

The A Cappella featuring Ali Noor – lead vocalist of ‘Noori’, Ahsan Pervaiz, Rachel Viccaji, Sara Haider and Zoe Viccaji just isn’t the country’s first of its kind but, the bright colored video staying in line with the Independence Day celebrations, shows that the artists have done their homework and presented the sensation in a way it should be.

Formally being introduced in Pakistan for the first time, all sounds in the video are made using the vocal chords. The singers appear in boxes bursting with colours, while making candid facial and body movements as if in a passé themed movie from the 60s.