Ajay scolds me almost every day

MUMBAI (web desk) – Bollywood stunning actress Kajol said that her husband Ajay Devgn scolds her regularly over her brutally honest nature and to say things as it is.

In an interview, Kajol said “Huge cost. Ajay blasts me every other day. I can’t take a diplomatic stand even though it lands my husband in trouble with people in the industry. At parties, he chides me for saying things as it is. But believe me, I say things in the nicest manner with the best of intentions. Fortunately for me, people forgive me a lot.”

She said that her husband always talks carefully while at press conferences or in parties but she is so straight forward and simple that she doesn’t think before speaking.

The actress said that Ajay regular advices her if she wants to live in the world, she should think before speaking.