Abu Dhabi authorities confiscate fake shoes and bags

Abu Dhabi authorities confiscate fake shoes and bags
(Web Desk) – Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) conducted a series of investigations by which an apartment was discovered where counterfeit items were sold.

The authorities seized as many as 6,230 fake shoes and a number of bags from an apartment which was transformed into a shop. The inspection team found that counterfeit goods from renowned brands were sold by the managers.

Other items included thousands of products made of fake leather, sporting goods and branded bags, according to Khaleej Times.

Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, the acting CEO of Abu Dhabi Business Center, said the action was taken following complaints from consumers and it made the ADDED inspectors seize shoes and bags tagged with popular brand names. The people living in the apartment had violated intellectual property rights.

Fines were imposed on the accused persons for violating the intellectual property rights and retailing items without any proper license.