6 Things you didn’t know about “TOYOTA”

‘TOYODA’ car company was established in 1933 as a part of  ‘TOYODA AUTOMATIC LOOM WORKS’.

Under the direction of the founder’s son

Kiichiro Toyoda Kiichiro Toyoda

Devoted to produce cars. Kiichiro Toyoda traveled to Europe and the United States in 1929 to investigate automobile production and had begun researching gasoline-powered engines in 1930. The name ‘TOYODA’ was changed to ‘TOYOTA’ in 1936 and in 11937 was established as an independent car manufacturing company ‘TOYOTA MOTORS’ .

In the beginning  ‘TOYOTA’ struggled  hard in 40’s it faced multiple strikes and financial difficulties and almost was forced to close down. But in late 50’s TOYOTA bounced back , with seting up new manufacturing plants around  the world .

As of 2017 TOYOTA was the 8th most valuable  brand and the largest car brand and manufacturer in the world with worth of over 172 billion dollars .TOYOTA now has offices or opp orations in almost every country of the world .

Here are 6 amazing facts about ‘TOYOTA’ you didn’t know.

1. First TOYOTA CAROLLA was made in 1966 and became the most popular car in the world . Over 44 million units of CAROLLA have been sold till 2016. Since 1966 TOYOTA has sold CAROLLA every 40 seconds , making CAROLLA the most sold and popular car in the world .


carolla 2


2. TOYOTA cars are sold almost in every country of the world. There around 200 countries in the world and TOYOTA is present in 185 countries of the world  .

3. Most hybrid cars sold by TOYOTA  then any other car company . Over 10 million units of PRIUS  hybrid electric cars have been sold by TOYOTA .

toyota prus4. TOYOTA has highest percentage of old cars on the road . 20 to 30 years old TOYOTA cars are still running on the roads .

5. TOYOTA spends around $1 million dollars per hour on research and development  (RND).

6. TOYOTA manufactures a unit of car every 50 seconds globally .

Indus Motor Company Limited (IMC) was incorporated in 1989 as a result of a joint venture agreement among some companies of House of Habib of Pakistan, Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan. The Company manufactures and markets Toyota brand vehicles in Pakistan. The main product offerings include several variants of the flagship ‘Corolla’ in the passenger cars category, ‘Hilux’ in the light commercial vehicles segment and the ‘Fortuner’ Sports Utility Vehicle. The manufacturing facility and offices are located at a 105 acre site in Port Qasim, Karachi, while the product is delivered to end customers nationwide through a strong network of 45 independent 3S Dealerships spread across the country.


In its 27 years history since inception, IMC has sold more than 750,000 CBU/CKD vehicles and has demonstrated impressive growth, in terms of volumetric increase from a modest beginning of 20 vehicles per day production in 1993 to 240 units daily at present through the development of human talent embracing the ‘Toyota Way’ of quality and lean manufacturing.


Over the years, IMC has made large scale investments in enhancing its own capacity and in meeting customer requirements for new products. Today, Corolla is the largest selling automotive brand model in Pakistan and it also has the distinction of being # 1 in Toyota’s Asian market.


The Company invests heavily in training its 2,800 plus workforce of team members and management employees and creating a culture of high performing empowered teams working seamlessly across processes in search of quality and continuous improvement.


The core values of the Company encourage employees to pursue high standards of business ethics and safety; communicating candidly by giving bad news first and to respect people. The bi-annual TMC morale surveys show that employees rate IMC high on work environment and level of job satisfaction.